Publishing with Rutledge Hill

What do I need to know before I self-publish with Rutledge Hill?

The first thing that you should know about publishing with us, is that we believe in the power of positivity. An uplifting book can inspire readers and improve their lives. It can provide comfort and create connections. And publishing a book can have the same positive impact on the author. From supporting a business to following a calling to fulfilling a lifelong aspiration, we’re here to help you reach your objective.

Second, to ensure that our books promote positive messages and values, books must align with our editorial standards. As a self-publishing division of HarperCollins Focus, we specialize in publishing uplifting fiction and nonfiction books. Your book may be a perfect fit for Rutledge Hill if it enlightens and empowers readers to transform their hearts and minds, connecting through story, advice, mentorship, leadership and community.

Third, assisted self-publishing is different than traditional publishing. When self-publishing, you are in control of your book. You cover the cost of publication, but you have the power to choose which services you want, what your book looks like and says, and when it’s published. Self-publishing is faster than traditional publishing. While timelines vary based on the services you purchase and how quickly you provide material, a typical book can be published in four months once we receive your manuscript, as opposed to a year or more with traditional publishers.

Fourth, self-publishing a book takes effort – but it’s worth it. We’ll guide you along the path to publication, but you are a key participant. As your book moves through the publishing process, from editing (if purchased) to design to distribution, we’ll ask for your input, feedback and final approval on your book. We’re always here to provide expert advice and answer questions.

Fifth, take advantage of your free publishing consultation. Call (866) 928-1240 to speak with a consultant who can discuss your book and publishing goals, and answer any questions. Your consultant can help you select the right publishing package for your book to begin your publishing journey.

We are honored that you are considering publishing with us, and we hope that you will take the first step today to reach your publishing goals.