Image Insertion - Black and White

If you want to insert additional graphics beyond the allotted number of image insertions of your chosen package, follow the guidelines below. Note that images refer to photos, tables, charts, diagrams, etc.

Submission Guidelines for Inserting Graphics into the Interior of Your Book

  • All interior graphics (including photos, tables, charts, diagrams, drawings, foreign fonts, and anything else that is not text or would be considered a graphic) should be submitted as individual TIFF (.tif) files.
  • The manuscript should identify placeholders for each of the interior graphics.
  • There is a fee per additional image inserted into the manuscript.
  • All illustrations are produced in black and white or grayscale; we cannot process color inside the manuscript.
  • The book cover does not "count" as a graphic. It is in full color for no additional charge.
  • Printer slang for "full color" is "four color"; this means the full range of colors, not literally just four colors.

Duration: During design process