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5 Reasons Why Editing Is an Essential Step in Publishing

Finishing your manuscript is a huge accomplishment. But don't let the excitement of publishing rush you past an important step in publishing: editing. Hiring a professional editor can transform a good book into a phenomenal book.

Should I edit my own book?

You've spent months or years working on your book. You are so close to it, that it's become a part of you. Because of the intimate relationship you share with your book, you should not edit it. It's easy to overlook typos and missing information when you already know what you are trying to say. You need an outside perspective from a skilled, experienced editor.

Benefits of hiring an editor

Editing is an essential part of publishing a quality book. Here are five benefits to hiring a professional editor:

Create the best version of your book

You've devoted time and effort in your manuscript. Editing can help you finish strong and create the best possible version of your book. An editor can enhance your prose by examining word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, and the readability and flow of your manuscript. In a great book, it's not just what is said, but how it's expressed. Editors strive to protect your writing voice while improving your book. However, you should be prepared to part with some of your favorite lines – or even pages – in order to improve your work as a whole.

Avoid embarrassing errors

There is nothing worse than seeing a glaring error in your book. An editor can catch and correct spelling and grammar mistakes before your readers and reviewers do. Editors can also check for consistency in tense, point of view, and overall tone throughout your book.

Clearly communicate your story and message

Don't let your book's message, lessons, or narrative become lost or confused. A developmental editor can help you identify areas of your book that need to be reorganized for the biggest impact and best clarity. For novels or memoirs, an editor can refine your story by examining elements such as story arc, character development, and pacing.

Be competitive in the marketplace

Readers and book buyers expect a certain degree of professionalism in books, and that includes following standard rules and styles in writing and formatting. Editors can check the proper formatting and order of citations, bibliography, and references to ensure that your book follows the standards.

Make the biggest impact with your book

An unedited book can only take you so far before it starts holding you back from reaching your goals. When your book is organized, well-written, free of errors, and in-line with industry style standards, you can make a powerful impact with your book, enlightening and empowering others.

Choose the level of editing that's right for you

At Rutledge Hill, we offer a comprehensive range of editing services to help you publish the best version of your book. Speak to one of our representatives for assistance choosing the right level of editing for you.

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